About me






About Me

 I am a Motorhome enthusiast, amongst other things, and retired.

We [The wife & I] live in South Wales, a country west of, and part of the United Kingdom.

My working career produced many years of experience in Computers, Electronics, Mechanics, etc.,  The Computer knowledge was forced on me in the last 10 years of my employment, I'm glad to say. So now I build and service computers as a hobby, as well as maintain and run our motorhome.

Producing this Web site is a new experience for me, but I recall in the old days writing programmes in BASIC, for the original Amstrad, Acorn, & Sinclair computers. While HTML is not quite the same, old skills are being used on this production.

The photographs in my site are from a simple digital camera,

Over the period of my working life, I was a British Railway Steam engine fireman,  2 years in the British Army as a National Serviceman, with the Royal Engineers, 10 years a Press Tool setting mechanic, with the Metal Box Co. where I learned my engineering skills in their excellent training facilities. During this period I maintained my own car, having rebuilt the engine three times during the 12 years ownership of a 1958 Ford Anglia. 40 years ago we didn't change our cars so often, they weren't so reliable and it was expected we would develop maintenance skills on a car. These skills are now very handy in reducing garage costs and the satisfaction of knowing the job is done!

I also spent 26 years working for a well known American Electronics manufacturer, repairing and installing mobile radio communication equipment, including the new GSM mobile radiophone system in the UK. Ending up on computer maintenance of Servers.

As a hobbyist of 30 Years I have been involved in Amateur Radio as a licensed operator, constructing and experimenting with my own receiving and transmitting equipment.

During the last 18 years of "Retired idleness" amongst other things, I have spent time repairing and building computers, making use of computer technology, Internet, etc. and maintaining/improving my Motorhome.

We purchased the Autohomes Wanderer Coachbuilt Motorhome in March of 2002. This is our second one.  It has become another hobby, repairing and maintaining, down to the nuts and bolts.

We have toured with our Motorhome throughout Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, England, Scotland, and Ireland.  We especially enjoy the sunshine of France. usually in May and Sept.

You can see pages in the Motorhome section. for description of our Motorhome.