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These pages are dedicated to my experiences of the Peugeot Boxer, and not definitive advise.  
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New additions: 

1.Fitting a Turbo Boost Gauge
2.Replacing clutch Cable 
3. Changing the temperature switch and Boiling switch sensors on the XUD9TE Engine

Our MH was for sale

Due to my age, 80 years old, and health reasons we are forced to give up the pleasures of a motorhome.

Our motorhome has been sold! So this web site will not be updated again.

Description of the motorhome can be seen through out the pages of my web site here.

The MH has MOT until MAR 2017 and its mileage is 109228.

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1. Checking the Anti-freeze.  2. Security Project Roll Bolts Door Locks.


Time taken ½ hour

How many of us check the anti-freeze in our radiator system.

To do this requires some measuring instrument, I prefer a dial meter device. There's nothing more satisfying than to see that needle move.

I purchased mine from Ebay, during Oct 14 it cost £3.90!

Anti Freeze Tester


To carry out this simple anti-freeze test, insert the tube, ensure the top red needle is upright, there's a mark on the face to indicate the correct position, also a mark to ensure the correct level inside the instrument.

You squeeze the rubber bulb and slowly re-lease it, which in turn extracts the anti- freeze into the container.

When up to the mark on the meter face, the lower red needle will show the anti- freeze values. 

On mine, above, it showed a level -22 to -29C.  Which shows the anti-freeze is a good average for content and use in the UK.



Roll Bolt Internal Door lock

Roll Bolt as fitted to the Wanderer Peugeot Door
Roll Bolt in position

The Peugeot door locks are not very secure.  As we travel throughout Europe quite often,  and having read of break-ins to Motorhomes  I decided to fit in the van doors, Dead Locks from:

Safeway Security Products, Birkenhead. L43 4XW.
They cost me £25.90 in April 2002.

It seems this business is not advertising anymore but alternatives can be found on the internet

Deadlock Parts on display

Deadlock Parts on display

           This was a project for this page. but Steven Stewart's site has explained this in greater detail. I cannot improve on this. A site worth visiting for those who require security in their Motorhomes.  His photographs explain it all.
See installation details:
See also his Home page, and how to travel in a Motorhome:

          This Motorhome is the second in which I have installed these security devices, i.e. The Roll Bolt.  I found it a lot harder with the Peugeot Boxer doors and would not recommend this installation for the non DIY person.

          The cab door photo below shows the lock in place , this is not a suitable position as it fouls the door mechanism when doing the installation work.  I had to work around this. Having said that, to the intruder, this is an indicator of a more secure door!

          While in Spain another Motorhome owner showed me his door locks, it had been fitted much lower down and was fitted by a lock smith.  The owner said he had travelled from Devon to Sussex to have the work done.

Click for larger image

Showing the Roll Bolt Door lock in Door

As Steven mentions the door securing plastic 'Fir tree' retainers break easily.

Parts can be obtained from: 

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